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I had some lovely visitors last weekend, one of whom bought my curvy edged dish so I have made another one. This time it’s based on grey with red and yellow highlights. It is about 35cm across, large enough to make quite a statement on your coffee table, or to put fruit in.

Curvy dish grey

I am looking forward to seeing more visitors this weekend. I am open Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 11am to 6pm. I am baking some more lovely shortbread and flapjacks tomorrow and home made cakes are on offer too. Mmmmm.


Art weeks first day

Well, the weather clouds brought us rain so it was slow to start but once the clouds lifted a little we had a nice bunch of folk round to see what I get up to in my spare time (what spare time I hear you say)!  Ably assisted by one of my friends as co-host and husband on the kettle we had a busy afternoon.

I did three lampwork demonstrations. This year I am demonstrating making quirky ducks using lots of the techniques I have learnt over the last year. Having spent most of last summer making penguins and snowmen for the Christmas season, ducks are a similar shape.

Yellow duck 2

So to Day 2. The weather is going to be better so at least we’ll be able to sit outside and wait for folk to arrive. There is still plenty of cake to go around.

Art Weeks tomorrow

Art Weeks is nearly here and we’re all ready. Cakes are made, glass is ready, I’ve even repainted my studio bench! I have had time to play with an interesting glass concept this week which has resulted in a glorious rainbow dish. Yes, it was meant to have holes in it but it has turned out as I hoped. There are so many different effects one can get in glass that I have lost count.

Gap rainbow 5

Looking forward to meeting new faces, and old friends over the next week or so.


Art Weeks minus 2

It’s been a busy day setting out all of my glorious glass in the gazebo and conservatory. It all looks very colourful and looks stunning in the sunshine. Here’s s sneak preview of some of it

It looks like the weather is not going to be wet on Saturday so I’m hoping that folks will come for the day out and visit my glass emporium. I am also demonstrating how to make a quirky duck using a very hot flame and some glass rods so there’s something to interest everyone who enjoys a feast of colour.


It’s getting closer, but unfortunately so are the rain clouds. It may be showery on Saturday – not best weather for visiting people so it might be quiet. However, we have plenty of spaces in which to shelter and lovely cake to eat. I’ve been busy baking lemon drizzle and ginger cakes, flapjack and shortbread biscuits. If we have no visitors we are going to get very fat indeed!

To make it feel more like summer I have made a set of curves of beach huts. They are very jolly and bright and just remind one of a long hot summer by the seaside.Beach huts c curve 2

Hope too see you soon.

I am so looking forward to Art Weeks. next week is going to be a bit busy! Tidying, cleaning, gazebo to put up (probably after fighting with it a bit), and then the fun bit – laying all of my gorgeous glass out for everyone to see. Then next Saturday we open for visitors.

20190504_113921_resized - CopyI have made a second wavy dish – blues this time. Still completely gorgeous. It would look fantastic with fresh fruit in it.

I have a new line of beach huts in production – I’m just waiting to slump them so that they stand up by themselves. I’ll post a photo later in the week, with an update on progress of setting up.

Art Weeks is coming

It’s May 1st so it must soon be Art Weeks. I have been busy making lots of gorgeous glass so that I will have a fantastic, colourful display for those who come to see it. I have already posted photos of some of my new pieces but I have more to come. I will be opening my studio on the weekends of 18th and 19th, 25th – 27th May from 11am to 6pm. You are welcome to pop in for a cup of tea and a feast of colour. I have some old favourites and new pieces so how about a low maintenance fish bowl, a pretty flower wreath or a rather amazing paperweight? Or a personalised gift for a special occasion formed especially for you? The possibilities are endless and start with a journey to Little Bourton.



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