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Beading Projects

Several years ago I made necklaces and bracelets from beads. I have a fair collection of beads (that is, I have a lot!)  and am trying to sell some of them to lighten the load on my attic floor. However, a friend of mine made some bead spiders and so I had to have a go. My friend and I had a stall at a local craft fair and we had them on show there. The effect was quite interesting. People either like spiders or hate them so they raised some interest to the stall which always helps! I made this little fellow (it measures about 8cm across) and plan to have them on my stalls as I have a few coming up at craft fairs to create a bit of interest.

Bead spider4

So, having an interest in beads again I found a pattern for a beaded dragonfly and made a selection. These only measure about 6cm long so I made them into brooches.

Beaded Dragonflies

They are quite easy to make and there are many patterns available on the internet. However, you could always just buy one from me at £2.50 each!





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