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Knitted phone cover

I droppped my mobile phone on the conservatory floor recently and the screen broke (again). Ho hum.  After some deliberation I decided to buy an upgrade – Samsung Galaxy 5 (only two down from the newest model). I had a good cover for my old phone – although it wasn’t enough to save it from a tiled floor so looked to buy something for my new phone. As it isn’t the latest model none of the shops have the same cover as my old one and I didn’t like the thickness that leather covers give to the phone. I then remembered one of my daughter’s tricks of using a sock as a phone cover. One purple sock later and I felt it wasn’t quite what I wanted so, I knitted a cover instead.

This has some elastic round the top to stop the phone just falling out. I can knit one for any phone and any colour, with elastic or a button on the top. It could even have a wrist strap if you wished. £6.00 including UK p&p.

More tales about sheds and workshops coming soon.

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